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January  27, 2015
11:49:11 AM

"Maria, Your site has been our only source of rentals and have far exceeded expectations. Thank you!" "A note of good cheer - except for one, I got all my rentals from your site!"


Top 10 Reasons for Owners to Join Us


1. We Guarantee Results: Advertise your shore vacation rental property with Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer and find a suitable tenant or we'll refund your money - Guaranteed!

2. Let the Web Work for You: The most efficient way to drive renters to your vacation property is to advertise online. Traditional advertising methods using newspaper ads and real estate agents are costly and less effective.

3. Double Your Rental Property Exposure: Now every vacation rental ad you place on Vacation Rentals will be mirrored on Shore Summer and vice versa. So, you get twice the rental exposure for half the price. Now that's what I call a bargain! Shore Summer's proven marketing expertise and unique advertising campaigns bring thousands of new renters each day to our website to search and book your vacation rental property. Visitor Statistics: averages well over 200,000 unique visitors per month. That means 200,000 different people look at our site per month.

Don't be mislead by the word "HITS". Every click on a site is considered a hit. had 26 million hits in May of 2010 but that was from about 200,000 actual people.

4. Save Time and Money: For as little as $0.36 per day, you can secure rentals for your investment property. There are NEVER any COMMISSIONS - ever!

5. Get a Fast ROI: Advertising on Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer is extremely cost-effective. All it takes is one rental for an owner to get back the money spent tenfold on the cost of our affordable annual membership.

6. Reduce Vacancies: Most owners secure several rentals and many book their entire summer by listing with Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer

7. Know Your Tenants: Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer gives property owners the ability to screen all potential renters before the property is occupied. Know who will be residing in your unit before committing to the rental agreement.

8. Customize Your Membership: Get the most out of your membership by joining the plan that's right for you. Choose from Standard, Deluxe, Multi-Unit, Bed and Breakfast or Hotel/Motel Memberships yearly memberships, based on your property rental needs and budget.

9. Property Listing Made Simple: Put Shore Summer Rentals to work and watch your vacancies disappear. With easy sign-up and instant ad placements, your property will hit the ground running!

10. Rest at Ease: With no risk, no gimmicks, and outstanding customer service, Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer puts owners' worries to rest.

Need More Reasons?

There are so many good reasons to list your property with Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer

Outstanding Customer Service: Answers to your questions are only minutes away. Our comprehensive FAQ page details the most common questions visitors ask. Further assistance is always available through email methods with fast response.

Read Our Reviews: Nothing confirms our success rates like Client Testimonials. See what our current owners have to say about Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer

Just One of the Hundreds of Client Testimonials - Read On!

Maria: I just have to tell you how happy I am with your service. I have owned my home for the past 20 years. Never having to rent it, I listed it with 2 local realtors. I tried newspaper ads. I was even in a rental advertising co-op with more newspaper ads. None of these methods produced a single day of rental.

A friend suggested I look up your website. I'm a big fan of Google so when I saw you were #1 on Google, I thought I'd give your service a try. WOW, I didn't get much play in June but AS SOON AS I LISTED MY FIRST SPECIAL, the phone and e-mails just kept rolling in. I just confirmed my last week in August and now I'm working on September. Thanks for saving my Summer..

Mark, Listing No. 3331, Ocean City, New Jersey

Please contact us for information about how you can save time and money by using Vacation Rentals and Shore Summer!



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