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April  24, 2014
1:48:05 AM

"Maria, Your site has been our only source of rentals and have far exceeded expectations. Thank you!" "A note of good cheer - except for one, I got all my rentals from your site!"


Avoid Potential Renter E-mails Being Tagged as Spam

Please add and to your e-mail contact and/or e-mail address book to avoid renter contact e-mails being tagged as spam and not delivered to your inbox. This SHOULD help assure delivery of the e-mail inquiry to your e-mail account. We send ALL contact e-mails from potential renters to the e-mail accounts you provide when registering but we cannot control what your e-mail service provider does with it once it leaves our servers.

As a backup to this, we provide a history of ALL e-mail contacts you receive in your E-mail History Tab that can be accessed in the Owner’s Tools Section when logged into your account. If you notice e-mails in your history that never made it to your inbox, please contact your service provider.

Also, please beware of Scam Alert!