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December  20, 2014
2:21:53 PM

"Maria, Your site has been our only source of rentals and have far exceeded expectations. Thank you!" "A note of good cheer - except for one, I got all my rentals from your site!"


Property Owner Rental Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your INITIAL Vacation Rentals or Shore Summer listing please e-mail us and we will review your ad to go over it in detail to see if it has received proper exposure. If your ad has received over 10 e-mail contacts within a 3 month period OR secured at least ONE rental, a refund will NOT be issued. Your ad needs to be advertised at least 60 days to give our websites time to work for your rental property.

If it has been 60 days and you have not received 10 email contacts, email me and I will review your ad to make sure it was being showcased in the best possible manner. I will offer recommendations and help for the following 30 days. If, on the 90th day you still have less than 10 email contacts and have not secured at least ONE rental, we will cancel your listing and issue a prompt full refund.

Refunds will be based on the following chart:

0 - 59 Days: Trial Period - Not Eligible for Refund
60 - 90 Days: Recommendations and Help from
90th Day - 100% Refund and Cancellation of Listing (If you received less than 10 e-mail contacts).
After 90 Days: Not Eligible for Refund

Please note, after the 91st day listed on the site (from the date the property was initially added to our site), NO refunds will be issued. Refunds are available for your first listing only. This offer is for new customers only, if you renew your listing there will be no more guarantee and no refund will be issued.



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