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January  27, 2015
11:08:34 PM  

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♥♥ Take the Guesswork Out of Vacation Rentals ♥♥

Thousands of vacation rental owners know that placing an ad on Shore Summer Rentals is a brilliant way to increase property exposure. But that's only half the fun! Now every vacation rental ad you place on Vacations Rentals 2U will be mirrored on Shore Summer and vice versa. So, you get twice the rental exposure for half the price. Now that's what I call a bargain.

Regardless of the time of year, vacation rental properties need qualified tenants so properties don’t sit vacant collecting dust. Prior to the internet, vacation rental property owners had to rely heavily on newspaper advertising and local agencies to secure trustworthy tenants. Vacation Rentals raises the bar by offering superior vacation rental properties at competitive prices that attract quality renters. In other words, don’t waste your time looking elsewhere—Vacation Rentals 2U is the most efficient property rental system on the Web.

All across the country, Vacation Rentals 2U hits every cool hotspot. Properties are presented with clear images, thorough descriptions, and accurate information on a robust website, favored by search engines. Property renters won’t be left in the dark or want to run home when they turn their vacation keys. This number one vacation rental resource is guaranteed to bring immediate results to your door!

From sea to shining sea, Vacation Rentals 2U.comhas scores of summer and winter vacation rental properties in hundreds of US locations, including but not limited to:

Arizona Vacation Rentals Florida Vacation Rentals Hawaii Vacation Rentals
Big Bear Vacation Rentals Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals Manhattan Vacation Rentals
California Vacation Rentals Hilton Head Vacations New York Vacation Rental
Florida Keys Vacations Outer Banks Vacations Breckenridge Vacation Rentals
Disney World Vacation Rentals Virginia Vacation Rentals Vail Colorado Vacation Rental
Orlando Vacation Rentals Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals North Carolina Vacation Rentals
Poconos, PA Vacation Rentals Las Vegas Vacation Rentals Asheville, NC Vacation Rental

Or, if you don't know exactly where to plan your winter or summer vacation, you can search by climate or property criteria, such as:

Beach Vacation Rentals Last Minute Vacation Rental Apartment Vacation Rental
Cheap Vacation Rentals Luxury Vacation Rental Vacation Home Rentals
Family Vacation Rentals Mountain Vacation Rentals Vacation Rental Houses
Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals Ski Vacation Rentals Winter Vacation Rentals
Island Vacation Rentals Vacation Cabin Rental Private Vacation Rentals

When in Doubt, Ask
Every summer and winter vacation season, more renters and property owners have found success by using Shore Summer Rentals as the single source for New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida vacation properties—Check out our

Rentals for Pennies a Day
For less than 49¢ per day, you can advertise your vacation property and start earning rental income without ever paying commissions! Learn more about the Benefits of Listing with Vacation Rentals 2U.

We Accommodate
Only on Vacation Rentals 2U will you find the array of property choices to fit your budget and travel plans, including:

  • Discount condo vacation rentals
  • Luxury home vacation rentals
  • Family vacation rentals
  • Group reunion vacations
  • Mini-getaway travel options
  • Vacation rentals with a kitchen, fireplace, HD-TV, hot tub, and much more!

Seek and You Shall Find
Growing by the minute, Vacation Rentals 2U has over 7,500 vacation rentals from which to choose. Traditionally, vacation homes have more living space than hotel rooms and for lower prices. Plus, vacation homes are an even bigger bargain when it comes to longer stays. So, stop throwing money out of hotel windows and start searching for the ideal vacation property rental:

It’s easy to rent a vacation home through Vacation Rentals 2U. Simply follow the direct links below or use the advanced search for more specific options. Last minute vacation rentals are fast and easy; availability date search feature, you can quickly find out what’s vacant and where. Once you find a property you like, just call the owner or submit an e-mail for more information and to schedule a viewing appointment.


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For property owners that would like to advertise vacation rentals, there’s no better place than Vacation Rentals 2U. Dollar for dollar, Vacation Rentals 2U offers the most affordable solution to getting the word out. For less than $12 per month, you can reach thousands of yearly travelers, interested in booking a property in your town. Advertising on Vacation Rentals 2U is the smarter alternative to newspapers —List your vacation rental, condo, or beach house today and turn your property into positive cash flow!




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